Emerald Clock

Emerald Clock

7art Emerald Clock will bring a jewel and the time to your desktop

Do you need a new clock for your screen?
Do you want something that is different from the usual clocks available on the web with fancy animations and movements, but that will still attract the attention of the people that see it?

7art Emerald Clock will bring a jewel and the time to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will let you know the correct time of the day and, at the same time, will let you enjoy watching the formation of an emerald right in front of you.
You will first see just the outline of a triangular gem.
As time passes, the emerald will continue forming and filling with green lines that will make the gem appear solid and transparent.

In the center of the jewel you will be able to see a very discrete but nice clock giving you the time.
It is very simple, just four Roman numerals for the main numbers, and small stars for all the rest.
In the beginning you will only see the outline of a triangle. Then, slowly and gradually, the green lines will start filling out the inside, giving the emerald a very nice look, as if getting solid, but yet, transparent.

7art Emerald Clock will surely attract the attention of your friends and coworkers.
They will always stop by and watch how the gem is being formed. And probably they will also take a look at the hour!

Fernando Soni
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  • Different
  • Nice effect while forming the emerald


  • It might get boring after a while
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